SAW EDL Investigator

For all versions of SAW up to SAWStudio

Have you ever needed to document a SAW session? Wished that you could merge 2 EDL files together?
Wanted to create new sound files from the regions in an EDL file?
Dreamt of removing the "dead wood" from an EDL?

SAW EDL Investigator is an enhancement product for the SAW hard disk editing system. The SAW EDL Investigator displays, saves and prints all the information saved inside your EDL files. That includes sound files, regions, markers, track lists and FX settings. The Investigator is highly customized through tabbed preference settings - so you only need to display the information you want to see.


Feature list:

SAW EDL Investigator

Sound files - lists the number of sound files, the sound files' full path and names in alphabetical order, file size in bytes, file length, sample rate, bit rate, number of tracks, total size of all the sound files in bytes and the total length of all the sound files.

Regions - lists the number of regions, the region names in alphabetical order, the start, end and length of the region in samples and/or SMPTE, and the total length of all the regions. The Regions can be listed in either a table or a long listing.

Tracks - lists each track separately with the regions in each track and the start, end and duration of each region in both samples and/or SMPTE. The tracks can be listed in either a table or a long listing. LOOP REGIONS and BREAK REGIONS in a track can be displayed as well as empty space between regions to create a complete printout of every event in your sequence.

Markers - lists all sound file and multitrack markers. They can be listed in one long list, or as separate lists for MT & SF Markers. MT Markers are listed in chronological order with the time to the previous MT Marker displayed. SF Markers are listed in alphabetical order.

FX - lists each track separately with a complete printout of each effect and it's setting across the track. This includes a complete printout of all parameters in the Parametric EQ, Compressor/Limiter, Reverberator, Eko and Vari-Pitch, plus all the built in effects…  Plus most plug-ins available.

Unused - lists all regions and files that are unused in the EDL in alphabetical order.

There are options to use 80 or 100 subframes per frame in the smpte values, the ability to list the EDL smpte values without applying the MT offset to the values and the option to conform 30fps to 29.97fps.

Any of the above settings can be turned on or off in the preferences dialog:


EDL Investigator includes numerous tools for helping to manipulate your session:

·         Region Filer - which creates new sound files from selected regions in an EDL

·         Merge - which merges 2 EDL files together to create a new EDL that can be loaded into SAW

·         Path Changer - which changes the paths of selected sound files in an EDL

·         Offset - which applies an offset to markers or selected tracks in an EDL

·         Session Packer - which lets you reclaim hard disk space - Great for archiving!

·         Session Mover - which moves or copies everything related to an EDL to a new drive or directory.

·         SMPTE Calculator - add, subtract, multiply and divide 4 different frame rates.

·         Delay Chart - display a delay chart for a user entered Tempo in Beats per Minute.

·         Import Sound Forge®* Regions and/or Markers - Does what it says..!!

·         Export Regions and/or Markers to Sound Forge®* - Does what it says..!!

·         Import Sound Files as Regions - Import (& create region) on multiple sound files into a SAW session.

·        Clear Read-only Attributes - Easily clear any or all Read-only file attributes on files in a session.

 Please note: SAW EDL Investigator does not support SAWStudio or SAWStudio Lite.


Download a demo  (2.1 MBytes)  

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Please note: SAW EDL Investigator is a continuously growing program, so these features & their methods of implementation are subject to minor changes & enhancements.

* Sound Forge® is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Pictures Digital Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.